Pizza Crusts

Our no mess, no stress, grain-free cauliflower pizza crusts are made with simple, fresh ingredients. Pizza for everyone. Regardless of dietary restrictions or preferences, we have a pizza crust for you.

Choose from: Traditional crusts, Plant-based crusts or Cali'Lite crusts (less calories, less carbs!)

Our top-selling, traditional crusts are keto-friendly and come in four different flavors: Plain, Original Italian, Spicy Jalapeno and Sweet Red Pepper.

Our plant-based crusts are paleo-friendly and come in three different flavors: Plain, Original Italian and Spicy Jalapeno.

Our Cali'Lite crusts are a lighter, lower calorie crust option and come in four different flavors: Plain’Lite, Italian’Lite, Spicy Jalapeno’Lite and Sweet Red Pepper'Lite.

Which Cali’flour Foods Crust is Right For You?