Where can I buy your products?

Our products are available online and in-store. All our products are available here, on califlourfoods.com! In addition, you can use our store locator to find them in a grocery store near you!


Are your crusts gluten free?
Yes, all of our crusts are gluten free, grain free, and guilt free!

Are your pizza crusts Kosher?
Our pizza crusts are not currently Kosher.

Are your pizza crusts low carb?
We like to say we're lower in carbs than traditional frozen products. Here is the link to the nutrition facts.

Does your pizza crust contain Soy or Corn?
Our pizza crusts are made with Non-GMO cauliflower. They are gluten free, corn free, and soy free. 

Do you have a dairy free option?
Yes, we have the first 100% Plant-Based Pizza Crust! [LINK]

Where can I find product specific nutrition information?
Nutrition information for each product can be found on their individual product pages. In addition, you can find nutrition information on the product boxes and packaging.

Which products work for my specific diet?
We recommend checking with your program's nutrition support to be sure you get the most accurate information. Here is the link to our nutritional information.


Do you ship to Canada?
Unfortunately we do not ship to Canada ourselves. You may get our crusts in Canada from Natura Market! For additional questions, Natura Market can be reached at this email: info@naturamarket.ca 

How do you ship your packages?
For Pizza and other frozen items we use FedEx ground and 2 day. For crusts and flatbreads we use USPS Priority Mail which typically takes 2-3 days for transit time.

How much is shipping?
Shipping is FREE for qualifying orders ($50+). Otherwise, we charge $9.95.

What is your processing time for shipments?
Processing times vary. please watch for a shipping notification to hit your inbox as soon as your product is on the truck and headed your way!

What method of mail carrier do you use?
We use the United States Postal Service & FedEx for our deliveries.

Why didn't the package get delivered to my door?
When we use the United States Postal Service for deliveries. They will leave your package at your door if that is a standard practice for your area. However, please watch your tracking notifications carefully if you have a PO Box, a Parcel Locker, or a large mailbox. When using FedEx, you should always find the package at your door.

Will my pizzas ship frozen?
YES! They will arrive on dry Ice and will be packed in our eco-friendly coolers! Please place them in the freezer after you unpack them.

Will my crusts and/or flatbreads ship frozen?
NO! Our crust and flatbreads are shelf-stable and safely packaged to arrive without the need of cooling components. Please place them in the freezer upon arrival.


Flatbread Baking Instructions
Due to the hand-crafted nature of our flatbreads, bake times and temperature will vary based on desired crispness. Preheat oven or toaster oven to 400º. Place frozen flatbreads on a vented pan, cooling rack, or pizza screen (lining with parchment paper will help prevent sticking). Bake for a minimum of 10 minutes or continue to bake for a crispier result. Some customers also like to heat these in a pan by adding a little oil, heating and flipping when one side is crispy.

Crust Baking Instructions
Pre-heat your oven to 375-400 degrees (ovens may vary). Place your frozen pizza crust on a vented pizza pan, pizza screen, or on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Cook for 10-12 minutes. Let cool completely before topping, approximately 10 minutes. Top lightly with desired toppings and enjoy as-is or warm your topped pizza under the broiler for 1-2 minutes - watching carefully so it does not burn. Remove from oven and let set for 3-4 minutes prior to eating. Enjoy!

Pizza Baking Instructions
"Using Vented Pan: Pre-heat oven to 425°F. Remove pizza from packaging. When oven is pre-heated, place pizza on a vented pan, pizza screen, or cooling rack and place on the middle or lower rack. Conventional ovens: Bake for 12-15 minutes depending on desired crispness. Remove from oven and set for 3–4 min. Enjoy!
Using Baking Sheet: Pre-heat oven to 450°F. Remove pizza from packaging. When oven is pre-heated, place pizza on a greased baking sheet (or one lined with parchment paper) and place on the middle or lower rack. Conventional ovens: Bake for 12-14 minutes depending on desired crispness. Remove from oven and set for 3–4 min. Enjoy"