Cali’Flour Foods – Best Cauliflower Pizza Crust EVER! AUGUST 20, 2016 BY: SARAH FRAGOSO



I love pizza. Love it. I have awesome pizza crust recipes in my Italian Cuisine Book and in my first book, Everyday Paleo. I make my own recipes now and then – because PIZZA  – but let’s get real; I’m just as busy as you are and I enjoy convenience just as much as the next gal but I want my “convenient” choices to be healthy, sustainable, and delicious! That’s a hard thing to find in our food world, especially in a pizza crust, until NOW! Several weeks ago I was at my dear friends house, Michele Laine of Inner Strength and Beauty, and we had a family pizza night – in which she introduced me to this awesome pizza crust from Cali’flour Foods found in the frozen section of one of our local health food stores. I was skeptical as I always am of such products but after cooking and consuming about 8 of them (not on my own, I had help, I promise) I was SOLD. HOOKED. CONVINCED. I was also stuffed, but with a bunch of cauliflower, and all the awesome toppings that we put on top of this even awesome-er crust!


JGF_5328-1After we ate and basked in the glow of Michele’s totally trashed kitchen, I happily sipped my wine, and then decided to really examine the package of this magical crust a little closer. HOLY GUACAMOLE – I know who this lady is who created this crust! I’ve known her for years, a great woman in our little community, right here in Chico, and I had no idea she was cauliflower crusting the heck out of this product and – it’s so good, and I don’t have to make it! Just top it, eat it, and love it. I immediately sent this woman (founder Amy Lacey) a text – met her for coffee and proceeded to yell and scream (hug and chat) at her for not clueing me in to her amazingness! I’m’ so grateful I stumbled on this product however, because now I can share it with YOU, because YOU can order it online!!! Aren’t you lucky…


After telling Amy that I wanted to share her crust with the world, she graciously donated more crusts to my cause, and we recently had another epic pizza night – and got totally groovy with our toppings. Our favorite was topped with above Michele’s Skillet Fennel Balsamic Chicken recipe with the addition of a little Parmesan and mozzarella cheese, and I’ve made this since that night (yes, I know, that’s a lot of pizza nights) with some added fresh figs baked on top and some red chili flakes. Devine. To die for really; and when you make the Fennel Balsamic Chicken you can double down on the batch and have two meals in one!

We also took a few topping ideas from Everyday Paleo Italian Cuisine and ran with it!  Here’s a few of our favorite combinations:

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