• The Essentials: Vitamin K

April 21, 2017

The Essentials: Vitamin K 


Vitamin K. No, it’s not a 90’s pop group. It’s the essential nutrient responsible for liver health and blood clot prevention. By itself, it’s not such an impressive essential nutrient but it’s essential regardless. The fascinating aspect to this vitamin isn’t so much how it helps the liver perform to standard, though that is appreciated, but more how it breaks down into different types. To be more specific, how it breaks down and transforms to top the priority list.

Vitamin K comes in a few different, and very easy to recall forms. K1, K2, and K3. However, in vegetables you will only find the K1 version unless that vegetable happens to be fermented. This turns it into K2. Both are very good for you, unlike the last of the trio K3 which is a synthetic form that is much more questionable.

K1 is found in plants and converts into K2 in your body. As K1, it’s great. As K2, it’s a power nutrient. Basically, K2 makes your calcium go where it needs to go. That means bone density is improved, helping to fix things like osteoporosis and even cavities!

Both of these versions have also been shown to be effective in the fight against cancer. This vitamin is fat soluble, which means you need to have some healthy fat in your diet for it to be most effective. What kinds of healthy fats would help with this process?

Egg and cheese sounds like a great pairing! And you’ll never guess where you can find this powerful combination. We like to call it our Four Simple Ingredients: Cauliflower, egg, cheese, and spices. The Original Cali’flour Pizza Crust.

Voila. Vitamin K and good healthy fat - plus so much more!








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