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The Essentials: Choline



A recent addition to the list of vitamins, Choline is not only essential but perhaps of utmost importance.

We all have nerves that transport energy, to put it simply. We think; we act. The thought initiates energy that flows through our nervous system and responds accordingly. Our nerves are the transportation of this energy.

Choline helps with this thought, or signal. DNA does not exist without it. Our cells cannot communicate properly without it.

This nutrient acts much like a construction foreman. The foreman is on the ground, hands on leadership. He builds with the builders but also tells them where to go to build. He keeps the process fluid and secure, producing results as efficiently as possible 

Choline builds your cells, transports cholesterol and triglycerides where they are needed, initiates acetylcholine which improves brain health, and improves the efficacy of neurotransmitters. That’s the short list. 

Like many essentials, what Choline really does is run a basic system that then contributes to the indirect proficiency of everything else. Choline helps lay the foundation, so that the walls don’t come crumbling down.

According to this article on the best sources of Choline, eggs and cauliflower top the list. No surprise here!






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Linda Sacco
Linda Sacco

May 03, 2017

If I order multiple crusts, how long do they keep? Can they be frozen?

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