• The Benefits of Collagen

January 28, 2018 2 Comments

You may have seen the recent release of our newest product, the Collagen Wrap, but do you know why it’s such a cool product?

We can tell you all the things that aren’t in the new wrap, such as gluten, dairy, sugar, etc. but you already know the what and why. But did you know that we intentionally put collagen in the wrap? For good reason! Let’s talk about all the great benefits of collagen and why this particular protein needs to be more of a diet staple.


Skin and Hair

Probably the most popular reason to ingest collagen is the incredible way it can improve the health of your skin and hair. Collagen is a protein already in your body but can be lacking. Part of collagen’s job is to keep your skin smooth and your hair strong. Skin and hair can degrade over time for a myriad of reasons, aging being one of the biggest contributing factors. Studies have shown that an increase in bovine collagen improves skin and hair to a tangible degree.



Cartilage essentially is collagen. Without it, your bones would grind against each other, to say the least. Consuming collagen doesn’t necessarily replace or add to the cartilage in your joints, but what it does do is decrease inflammation. The “joints” argument for collagen has been a bit controversial for this reason. There are many different potential factors as to why collagen as a supplement does indeed decrease joint pain, the inflammation argument being one of them, but ultimately the studies show a significant difference. The science is still out on this one, but the results are in. Collagen consumption still equals joint health, one way or another!


Intestinal Tract

Speaking of inflammation, if there’s one place in your body that’s going to suffer from it, it’s the intestinal tract. Collagen contains high amounts of the amino acid called Glycine, which is important for regulating inflammation in the gut as well as increasing “good bacteria” growth, providing a healthy digestive environment.



Collagen is a protein source and a hefty one at that. In contrast to whey protein, it is not from a dairy source, rather a bone or skin source. The type of collagen we use in our wrap is a bovine bone source, essentially powdered broth. Not only is this one of the highest qualities of collagen, but it is also filling, particularly if you have a low carb or paleo lifestyle. It’s like a protein shake that doesn’t leave you bloated and actually tastes good!


Heat Stable

Once again, in contrast to whey, collagen is unaffected by normal heating processes. Remember grandmothers stew? The reason she could leave those bones hanging out in the crock for so long was that it was actually necessary for the heat to draw all the good stuff out, like collagen. See our blog on whey protein for more information on the difference.


To top off the fantastic list of benefits, we have one more little tidbit for you that you can only find in our wrap. Cauliflower! Of course, you likely know by now all the great things about cauliflower but there’s one little neat fact that we don’t want to overlook as far as the connection to collagen. The synthesis of collagen in your body is dependent on vitamin c. Collagen has to have vitamin c in order to function properly. Fortunately, just one cup of cauliflower happens to have 85% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin c! Back in the day, scurvy was a huge problem and it was discovered that the issue was directly related to a lack of vitamin c. What made that a problem? The fact that without vitamin c, the cartilage in your body breaks down and causes scurvy issues leaving your joints withering and disconnected. Introduce vitamin c and the collagen is restored to its proper place.

So there you have it. A perfectly packed punch of protein and nutrients that you can wrap your hands around. If you’ve been missing the good ole’ days of sandwiches and tortilla wraps, get ready to reminisce in real time and make yourself a Collagen Wrap!







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January 31, 2018

This looks amazing! I put collagen in my coffee every morning and now I cannot wait to try your new wraps. Team Califlour is so innovative. ?


January 29, 2018

I cannot order them because they have Chia Seeds and for those that follow the Plant Paradox, they don’t eat Chia. Love your other plant based pizza crust. Buy it all the time! Maybe you could switch out the Chia but I also realize you cannot
change your recipe just because many cannot eat a particular ingredient. Thank you. Cindy

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