November 18, 2019

I've struggled with my weight for most of my life. I'd had a couple of instances of significant weight loss over the past 18 years, but always ended up gaining it back. My motivations in those days were almost always superficial--just wanting to look good! But as I have gotten older and continued to be so overweight, it was more apparent that this was affecting my health. Last year and this year I had some wakeup calls regarding my health, and I had been reading and watching videos from doctors and experts talking about just how terrible sugar and refined carbs are for our health, and that this is a much bigger issue than fat in terms of destroying our bodies. While learning about what not to eat, these experts also went over what we should be eating, and I used that as a guide. Some of the suggested foods included cauliflower and cauliflower-derived foods, like cauliflower rice and pizza made with cauliflower crust. I had poked at this a bit earlier in the year without much delight. It seemed like the old fashioned diet cliches of eating cardboard or things without much flavor based on what I had tried. I had slowly lost a little weight from the beginning of the year through the middle of summer, but it still wasn't exactly melting off and I hadn't entirely committed to a truly healthy diet.

One night toward the end of summer, I scared myself into thinking I had diabetes with all my poor food choices, so I realized I needed to take my diet much more seriously and reduce the sugar and refined carbs to next to nothing. Once I became so concerned about my health and longevity, it was a lot easier to ignore the candy bars and to understand what those quick trips to the convenience store for a burger at lunch were really going to do to me. I want to live! I went with a very low-carb / low-sugar and more keto-style diet involving eating healthy fats, some proteins, and a lot of fiber from vegetables, leaving my sugar intake to the natural fruit sources. I also tightened up on an intermittent fasting routine I'd dabbled in before, which for me means only eating two meals between noon and 8PM most days and fasting for the rest. This started to work in lowering my blood sugar and dropping the pounds! But I didn't want to eat the exact same two or three meals every night for the rest of my life. I saw that there is a health food store just down the street from where I work, which had some other options. I went in and discovered the Cali'Flour Original Italian cauliflower pizza crusts, which I had never seen before. I checked the ingredients and looked over the carb count and I was amazed that I could eat an entire crust and only get 3 net carbs! I used the crust to make a healthy, basic pizza using extra virgin olive oil as the "sauce," sprinkled on a little Italian seasoning, put on a solid handful of kale, and sprinkled on a half cup of shredded mozzarella cheese. Twelve minutes later, the pizza was done to perfection. When I ate it, I couldn't believe it. It was so soft, rich, and flavorful! It felt like I was eating a cheat meal, but I wasn't! I devoured that pizza in no time. Now I regularly go to the health food store and make sure my freezer is stocked with some of these crusts, and it is a meal I have a couple of times a week, one that I really look forward to. It is comforting to know I can eat healthy and lose weight while still actually enjoying food. So far this year I have lost 65 pounds, with about half of that happening in just the last two months when I became very serious about my health and food choices. In my journey to reduce my intake of sugars and refined carbs and make sure I get healthy while also not depriving myself of delicious foods, Cali'Flour has been a huge help!