November 04, 2019

We love hearing about your health journeys and how Cali'flour Foods' is helping you achieve your goals! Below is a story about Edie and Royce. They regularly use Cali'flour crusts to support their new eating habits! 

"We saw the success our son was having on the Keto diet, and were inspired by his results. Royce and I decided to give it a try. Four months later, we're hooked. So far, my husband has lost 35 pounds and I'm down 25 pounds!

We ordered some Cali’flour crusts at the recommendation of a friend. These products have been super helpful because we didn't want to give up eating pizza! 

My husband can eat a whole pizza crust and he's still within his daily allowance. His favorite is a Traditional Plain Crust topped with sausage, pepperoni, and cheese. It’s so nice to be able to enjoy the foods we love while maintaining our healthier lifestyle! 

In addition to the reduced weight, my husband's blood sugar went from an unhealthy to a normal range. And, I've seen improvement with the discomfort in my knees. Our doctor is elated with our 4-month weight loss! We love the convenience of these crusts!"