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4 Tips for a Festive and Fit Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is all about celebrating our nation’s independence and founding fathers (with fireworks and corn on the cob, of course). But at Cali’Flour Foods, we’re advocates of freedom as it applies to food, too. This means enjoying your favorite foods without experiencing guilt or unwanted side effects. After all, celebrating isn’t just about participating in Fourth of July customs like putting up a flag, setting off fireworks, and wearing red, white, and blue. It’s also about indulging in the holiday’s food rituals, whether that’s a Firecracker ice cream pop (remember those?) or hot dog slathered in ketchup.

We’ve got your back (and your annual BBQ): By keeping the following four tips and ideas in mind, you’ll honor both the occasion (and the treats that comes along with it) and your health.

A patriotic pizza

Whether you’re a host or guest, putting pizza on the picnic table is always a crowd pleaser. Instead of ordering delivery, why not crank up the oven? Cali’Flour Foods crusts are made with cauliflower, so they’re gluten-free, low-calorie, low-carb, and plant-based. When topped with pepperoni (or tomatoes), mozzarella cheese, and black olives (or figs, eggplant, or blue corn), you’ve got a red, white, and blue sensation that will satisfy your craving without compromising nutrition.

Let there be lawn games

Rather than asking guests to bring a side dish, request they bring their favorite lawn game. (If you’re attending, see if the host is open to you bringing a lawn game — we doubt they’ll mind.) Nothing makes a summer soiree more fun than flag football, cornhole, bocce ball, spike ball, croquet, or badminton. Instead of making trips to the buffet or lounging by the pool, you’ll elevate your heart rate and work up a sweat by serving an ace, hula-hooping with your niece, or scoring the next point.

Stay festive (and hydrated) with sparkling water and fruit

After that game of croquet, you’re bound to be thirsty. Downing a tall glass of water helps you determine if you’re hungry, digest your food, consume less calories, stay energized, and hydrate in hot temperatures. But we get it: No one wants to drink plain water at a party. Pour some sparkling water or La Croix in your glass for some festive bubbles — people will think you’re enjoying a vodka soda. Toss raspberries, grapes, blueberries, or strawberries in your cup to make it a true Fourth of July “spirit.”

Suns out, buns...optional

Our fourth and final tip for the Fourth: Go crazy with the all the toppings on your hot dog or hamburger (we personally love grilled onions, mustard, and pickles), but skip the bun. You’ll enjoy all that juicy goodness from the grill sans the blood sugar spike. We totally understand that going bun-less isn’t for everyone. If this sounds like you, just give yourself a wedgie. (No — not that kind.) Grab of wedge of lettuce and wrap it around your burger or dog for a healthy dose of fiber and crunch.

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May 11, 2019

Do you sell gluten free hot dog buns?

Cali'flour Foods
Cali'flour Foods

August 05, 2018

Hi guys! Our plain crusts are available in stacks right now!! here is the link! https://www.califlourfoods.com/collections/pizza-crust-stacks/products/10-crust-stack-of-plain

We also have some fabulous tips on baking the crusts!
• Pre-heat your oven to 375º-400º (ovens may vary)
• Place your frozen pizza crust on a vented pizza pan, pizza screen, or on a non-stick cookie sheet. ( you should no longer need to flip the crusts to make them crispy. If you find that you still wish to flip them, I suggest using parchment paper!)
• Cook for 10-12 minutes.
• Let cool completely before topping, approximately 10 minutes.
• Top lightly with with desired toppings and enjoy as-is or warm your topped pizza under the broiler for 1-2 minutes – watching carefully so it does not burn.
• Remove from oven and let set for 3-4 minutes prior to eating. Enjoy!

Note: Temperature and baking times may vary.


Heather B
Heather B

July 02, 2018

Can you tell me when the plain crusts are going to be available?


July 01, 2018

Can you recommend the best way to flip the crust over after cooking it on one side? I’m having difficulty with it crumbling. Thank you.

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